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Opportunities in the area

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• wellness - indoor thermal pool (season ticket purchase possible) and many other spa procedures, spa park for pleasant walks
• sports - tennis, minigolf, pétanque, multi - purpose sports grounds, Nordic walking, Red Indian running trail
• culture - regular spa cultural events, theatre and cinema in Šumperk, si ing near curative springs
• hiking - many well marked hiking
• and nature trails in the vicinity of Bludov, but especially in the Protected landscape area Jeseníky
• For children - playground for the youngest ones
• Blues Alive, Šumperk - regular Internationa blues festival
• International folklore festival Šumperk - festival of folk songs, dances, games and customs
• Šumperské pomněnky - regular music festival
• Horování - traditional travelogue event


Rocks at Rabštejn are the largest rock - climbing area of Northern Moravia, reaching 30 - 40 meters in height. The rock is solid and generously structured. There is an approximately 20 ha nature reserve in the vicinity of Rabštejn. It holds samples of forest in fi r and beech vegetative stage - the oldest tree species being over 200 years old. Some rare and endangered plants may be found here.

Forest environmental trail Švagrov

Forrest environmental trail concentrates on discovering the nature and on ecology. It is intended to broaden the environmental awareness of children and adults and to promote interest in nature as such. On demand, this trail may toured with a professional guide.

Mineralogical trail Sobotín

This trail is the fi rst of its kind in the Czech Republic and brings its visitors to six most important mineralogical locations in Jeseníky. Adjacent hills hold locations with interesting minerals, which the lucky ones may find.

Červenohorské mountain saddle

The saddle separates Pradědská hornatina (Pradědská highlands) from Keprnická hornatina (Keprnická highlands) and is the vantage point for wonderful hiking trips to surrounding ridges. Červenohorské ski center is one of the most famous and most visited centers in the Czech Republic.

Hydroelectric plant Dlouhé stráně

Unique due to the technology utilised, whilst also being the most extensive hydroelectric facility in the country, the plant features the largest reverse turbine in Europe. When touring the site, be sure to visit the information centre as well as access the interior of the plant, which can be reached via a long tunnel.

Nature trail Bludovská stráň

A small trip to the nature in the vicinity of Bludov, ideal for a family with children. Contains information on local fl ora and fauna.

Museum of History and Geography Šumperk

The museum holds more than 120 000 archeological, historical, zoological, geological and botanical exhibits. There are permanent exhibitions, but also temporary exhibitions and cultural events.


A city established in the 13th century which is full of cultural monuments. Post 1496 remains of city fortifi cations, 15th century Renaissance chateau, later rebuilt in Classicist style. There are also a number of churches (Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist with 13th century core, Baroque Church of St. Barbara, Old Catholic Art Noveau Church of St. John the Evangelist etc.). One can also come across many historical townhouses and family houses. Šumperk is defi nitely worth visiting.

Paper manufacture in Velké Losiny

A unique technical site, it is like no other mill in Europe. Throughout the four centuries of its continuous operation the mill has continued to produce paper via traditional methods. In addition to the exhibition, a visit to a section of its workshops where the paper is made is most worthwhile.

Velké Losiny

One of the most signifi cant Renaissance monuments of Northern Moravia - the chateau dates to 1496 and was built in place of a fort (walls of the fort remained preserved in the eastern wing). There is a park near the chateau, established in 1580 as a Renaissance garden. For ages this seat was held by the House of Žerotín. In the 17th century, the chateau witnessed the infamous witch hunts organized by inquisitor Jindřich Boblig from Edelstadt.


There are two advisory centers at the Bludov spa, specializing in musculoskeletal system diseases, nutrition and obesity. Professionals conduct an analysis of the client´s current situation and propose suitable treatment. The aim is to establish an active approach to improvement of health conditions, but mainly to help with current problems that bother the client.


The Bludov spa specializes in the treatment of the following diseases:
• respiratory diseases - allergy, asthma, bronchitis
• musculoskeletal diseases - headaches, backaches, muscle aches
• kidney and urinary tract diseases
• metabolic disorders
• childhood and adult obesity and overweight
• infertility
• detoxifi cation


One can undergo classical spa procedures, Chinese medicine techniques or slimming cure and detoxifi cation:
• baths - outdoor and indoor thermal peat, carbonic, bubble, whirlpool, additive, herbal baths and Scotch douches
• massages - Hawaiian, Thai, aroma, hot stone massage
• physical therapy - laser, biolamp, ultrasound, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, thermal energy etc.
• colon hydrotherapy - colon irrigation
• In - Body - bio - impendance measuring of composition of body tissues
• Biotherik - dry gas bath
• Carboxytherapy - gas injections
• individual physiotherapy
• exercise according to Mrs. Mojžíšová
• paraffi n and peat packs
• manual lymphatic drainage
• acupuncture and acupressure
• endogenous breathing
• cupping
• Infrared sauna
• Ozone therapy


Spa off ers its clients accommodation in Zahradní pavilon (Garden pavilion), Lesní pavilon (Forrest pavilion) and Lázeňská vilka (Spa Villa). All houses are located within the spa complex, however all curative procedures are applied in the main spa building. The spa has its own rehabilitation center equipped with modern technology and qualifi ed staff .


Natural, slightly mineralized, highly alkali, thermal groundwater of sulfur - chloride - sodium type with increased content of fl uorides and traces of radioactivity, hypotonic, with distinct eff ect against rheumatism.

Statues and sculptures

Sculpture of the Holy Trinity, statues of St. John of Nepomuk and St. Roch from the 18th and the 19th century.

Country homesteads

Rural buildings no. 118, 120, 125, 126, 127 and a granary no. 193 northeast of the municipality built in the 19th century, serve as evidence of vernacular architecture and country way of life.

Church of Corpus Christi

Pilgrimage church from the 2nd half of the 18th century, approximately 3 km from Bludov; the complex includes the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes and other minor buildings.

Church of St. George

Originally a wooden church, possibly from mid - 13th century, built in brick in the 16th century and later signifi cantly extended. In the 19th century it started cracking and it was thus completely torn down and rebuilt. The arch started gaping again recently and it had to be constricted using steel girders. Unique ceiling paintings underwent major restoration. Family crypt of the House of Žerotín is located within the complex.

Castle ruins

Remains of a 13th century castle; the castle ceased to exist after being seized by Ma hias Corvinus in the 15th century. Stones from the castle’s fortifi cations were used in the 19th century for the construction of local roads.


Late Renaissance chateau, built in the fi rst third of the 17th century, extended at the beginning of the 18th century, today the family seat of the House of Mornstein - Zierotin; The chateau grounds feature an English park with many valued, exotic and ancient trees, of which the oldest Small - leaved Lime is over 600 years old.

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