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Many cultural events are held in the town of Osečná, for example the mixed chorus Canzoneta concerts, dance evenings and Sunday promenade concerts.

In June, you can visit the St.Vitus festival and the sport-cultural event named Kundratická lávka.


Thanks to its position under the Ještědsko-kozákovský ridge and the Ralské mountains, the spa is predetermined for tourism as well as cycling, the bike rental is available. In Osečná, there are tennis courts, golf club in Rozstání, and 5km away from the spa. Right in the spa area, there is a well-equipped library, mini-golf and pond in which it is possible to swim. The spa restaurant holds a dance night three-times a week. In addition to Kundratice Spa, there is a large wellness
centre in Liberec (Babylon) where visitors can enjoy sauna, whirlpool, solarium and another soul and body stimulating procedures.

Děvín´s pond

The pond under the Děvín castle, in the 18th century, the smith’s atelier with toothed mill was here.

Dairy pond

Traditional spring fi shing races, possibility of swimming.

Chrastná´s pond

The biggest pond in the surroundings that serves for fi sh keeping and for relaxation.

Lázeňský pond

The small pond in the area of Kundratice Spa that serves for swimming and fi shing. Every year the traditional competition Kundratická lávka is held here.

Jenišov´s pond

It follows the spring of Ploučnice river and is used for fishing. There is also the Jenišov´s mill.


There are several ponds around Osečná:

CHKO Lužické mountains (protected landscape area)

There is lovely nature, mountains and creeks; a series of natural monuments and reserves invites the tourists to walk on numerous and well-marked tracks. The European deers, roe-deers and mountain chammies usually live here, as well as the moufl ons, elks and lynxes.

Tvrz at Chrastná

The originally renaissance fortress of Šalamoun Blekta from Útěchovice, rebuilt by the Hartig´s family. Over the baroque entry gate, there is the Hartig´s coat of arms and the statue of a shepherd.


The neo-gothic castle, open to the public, surrounded by an English park with rare trees. Antonín Dvořák used to come here.


This is the original fortress rebuilt into the renaissance castle, the St. Zdislava of Lemberk, the Czech noblewoman, stayed here in the middle of 13th century. The so-called Bajkový hall with waffl e ceiling can be seen here.

Červený kámen (The Red Stone)

A rock formation at the South-west slope of Ještěd off ers views over Podještědí.


The hotel and television station on the Ještěd mountain is a well-known landnmark of Northern Bohemia. Its authors were awarded by the International architects union with the August Perret the award; the mountain off ers admirable views.


A classicist castle stands on the foundations of a manor house from the beginning of 16th century. Under several diff erent owners it was restored and rebuilt several time, the present look is from the 18th century. The largest exposition and sample show of glass products in the world were held in the castle. Today the castle, as well as the glass collection, is for sale.

Babylon centre

This is a large shopping, relaxation, entertainment and congress centre with aqua park, with wellness centre, glass labyrinth, educational museum IQpark, casino, shopping town, restaurant, coff ee-bars and winebars, etc.

Botanical garden

The oldest Czech botanical garden was established in 1876 and it specialised in tropical and carnivorous plants. The garden disposes of 9 exhibition and 9 cultivation green houses and the outside exposition. The exposition of orchids or the prehistoric green house is also very interesting. Since 2003 the CITES salvage centre has its headquarters here and they take care of the world´s most endangered plants trying to keep them from extinction.

Zoological garden

The oldest zoo in the Czech Republic keeps over 170 species of animals and is focused on endangered species. The white tigers belong among the most popular animals and they also gave the name to the local hockey club. The feeding of seals and penguins is also very popular as they repay for any fi sh with acrobatic tricks.

Town hall

It was built at the site of the old town hall, at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the old hall was not suffi cient for the needs of the growing town. So it was demolished and its remanants of its layout can be seen by the dark pavement at the E. Beneš square, near the new town hall. The present town hall is a neo-renaissance building from 1890, designed by the Vienna architect Franz Neuman. The town hall interior is well decorated with gifts from local corporations and patriots. There is a very nice ceremonial hall with wooden facing and excellent acoustic. Today the municipality has its headquaters in this town hall.


Kundratice Spa off ers its guests procedures that positively infl uence the following diseases: rheumatic arhritidis, spondylitis, function defects of spine (blockages), chronic plate syndromes and after-operation recovery, arthritidis, sponylitis, muscle rheuma, disesas of tenons and nerves, of infl ammation, toxic or traumatic origin. Besides these diseases it is possible to positively infl uence the hyperuremia, high blood pressure, ischemic diseases of lower extremities, diabetes, etc.


The main healing program is based on baths in natural healing sulphur-ferrous moor and this treatment is supported by other types of treatment: massages, bubble, sulphur, iodine baths, hydrotherapy and others, including the acupuncture, gas puncture, cryotherapy and chiropractic. Toda the healing procedures are completed with laser and bio-light treatment.


The Šárka and Dalibor hotel houses are fully and comfotablly equipped for accommodation of guests in single and double bed rooms and apartments. The Přemysl guest-house off ers single rooms and is more modest. The healing procedures for all accommodated guests are performed in the central spa building.


A sulphur- ferrous moor, a source of natural peloids.


A natural monument. The preparated top of touchstone bu e, made of fl ue rests has four marked tops. The Olivince basalt has clearly structured columnar detaching character.

Wide stone

A natural monument. A large hill made of sandstone blocks. The top plateau is steeply limited by rock walls in two-storeys. Protected species of plants and animals are found here.

Rock theatre

A natural monument. The rock amphitheatre is located in siliceous sandstone blocks with a rock gate.


A natural monument. The castle ruins on the alone standing sandstone piece. There are several rooms graved into the rock, formerly occupied by eremites. The place is known from the book “Poslední poustevnice“ by Karolína Světlá.

Millennial lime

This is a monumental tree (Tilia cordata) in the village of Kotel. It is 25m high and the trunk is 9m in diameter. There is also another lime tree nearby, that has a trunk of 6m in diameter and a height of 23m. These are the most massive trees in Northern Bohemia.

Čertova zeď (The Devil´s wall)

A national natural monument. A basalt streak, several metres wide and 15km long. Only the so-called Devil´s table and 6m high Čertova hlava,have been.preserved near the municipality Kotel.

The Friedrich Schiller

There is a monument set up for the German romantic poet and writer in the forest over Osečná, at a place called Šibeniční hill.

Town hall

A two-storeyed corner building from 1831 with a plain facade.

St. Mary’s Column

It was built between 1720-1730, with a life-sized statue of St. Mary and other statues of St. Vitus, St. John Nepomucný, and St. František Xaver.

Church of St. Vitus

A late-gothic to renaissance church from 1350 with a renaissance stone high seat at Ionian pillar, pseudogothic equipment from the beginning of 20th century; the tombs of the Biberštejn and Šlejnic families are located in the church.


All monuments are located in the village Osečná, 1.5 km away from the spa or in its immediate vicinity.

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