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Opportunities in the area

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• Amaryllis at the chateau
• Earth Day
• Farmer and craft markets
• Anifi lm
• Opening of the biking season
• Wedding Fair
• Třeboň Nocturnes
• Třeboň Theatre Festival
• Festival “Around Třeboň”
• Historical Festival of Jakub Krčín
• Spa Třeboň
• Fishing Festival
• Hunting Festival
• Saint Wenceslas Festival
• Jabkobraní (an apple festival)
• Třeboň Advent

Červené blato (Red Bog)

One of the largest peat moors in Southern Bohemia. It is located nearby the village of Jiříkovo Údolí on the southwestern edge of the Třeboň protected landscape area and its appearance evokes the countryside of northern tundra. In this area you can fi nd very rare bog pines and wild rosemary. In the past, a part of the Červené blato was exploited. A nature trail called Červené blato passes through the peat moor. National natural monument.

Theresa’s Valley (Terčino, Terezčino or Tereziino Valley)

A romantic landscape forest park in the English style situated in the Stropnice Rivulet valley near the village of Nové Hrady in the natural park of the Novohradské Mountains. The Earl Jan Nepomuk Buquoy started tobuild up the park for his wife Theresa Buquoy in 1756. Numerous exotic trees, ornamental shrubs, historic buildings, ponds, 10 - metre high artifi cial Theresa’s Waterfall and other elements have survived in this park until present days. Two nature trails pass through the territory. National natural monument.

Nature trails

In the near as well as far surroundings of Třeboň, there are many nature and biking trails. The most popular trails include the “Tour around the World” and biking nature trails “Around Třeboň” and “Rosenberg”.

Chlum u Třeboně

A signifi cant holiday resort in the Třeboň region. The village is surrounded by numerous ponds with camping sites and beaches. In summer, the place is very lively, a noticeably quieter holiday is possible rather in September.

Hluboká nad Vltavou

Very a ractive tourist town situated on both banks of the Vltava River. The greatest a raction for most of visitors is the Neo - Gothic chateau with valuable artistic and historical collections. They can further visit the zoological garden “Ohrada”, luxury golf course, Princely Court and Aleš South Bohemian Gallery. Less than 2 kilometres from the city, there is the second largest pond in the Czech Republic called Bezdrev which is widely used for water sports such as yachting.

Jindřichův Hradec

A city lying on the Nežárka River with the historical core declared an urban ancient reserve. Here you can visit various historical sites: Renaissance chateau, Museum of the Jindřichův Hradec Region with the biggest Czech mechanical crib of the Nativity (Krýza’s Crib) Church of Saint Mary Magdalene on the Masaryk Square, Jewish Cemetery, chateau brewery and more.

Český Krumlov

A memorable historic city; this medieval centre is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city takes pride in over 300 well - preserved Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance buildings, the second largest palace complex in the Czech Republic, unique Baroque chateau theatre and park theatre with a revolving auditorium. In the city, you can further visit the Egon Schiele Art Centre, wax museum, museum of puppets, museum of historic motorcycles, museum of torture, museum of marione  es, etc. Every year in the last weekend of June, the municipality of Český Krumlov holds the traditional medieval Five - Petalled Rose Festival with a rich cultural and entertainment program: historical craft markets, sword fi ghting, jousting tournaments, festive fi reworks, medieval music and spectacular historic costume parade through the town including knights on horses as well as famous people associated with the ancient city history.


Swimming pools, gyms, fi tness and wellness centres, equestrian club, fi shing, water sports, tourist routes and nature trails for hikers and bikers, bicycle rentals - all of this you will fi nd in Třeboň. Boat rides on the Pond World are also very popular.


The Třeboň Spa specializes in treating the musculoskeletal system disorders such as:
• Painful states of the spine and joints
• Traumatic and postoperative states
• States after joint replacements
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatic diseases
• Bechterew’s disease
• Gout and hyperuricaemic syndrome
• Painful states of soft tissues


In addition to the basic medical treatments based on combining the peat baths and wraps with hand massages, the spa uses a wide range of wellness procedures aimed at the rehabilitation and reconditioning.
• Peat baths and wraps - traditional therapeutic procedures using the natural healing source, i.e. peat. In Třeboň, it is produced a special simple earthy peat containing disinfection minerals like pyrite and marcasite.
• Hydrotherapy baths - fl ower, bubble, herbal, citrus, beer, underwater massages and whirlpool bathes
• Massages - classical manual massage, refl ective massage, exotic wellness massages (lava stones, massage with fragrant oils, anti - stress massages, anti - cellulite massages)
• Relaxation - mechanical massages Hydrojet, Sigoroll, jacuzzi bath Hydroxeur, vibro - sauna, solarium, fi tness centre, swimming pool, water a ractions, sauna and steam, floating

Aurora Spa

The Aurora Spa complex is situated in a quiet environment of a large park on the banks of Pond World, about 1 kilometre from the historic centre of Třeboň. The complex includes congress rooms, non - smoking restaurant “Harmony”, bars, wellness centre Aqua Viva with a swimming pool and water a ractions, fi tness centre, sauna, solarium and Bowling Bar. The Aurora Spa obtained a signifi cant award within the Spa Festival 2011 in Karlovy Vary when declared the best spa company for 2011. On the same occasion, the city of Třeboň was proclaimed the best spa site.


The Bertiny Spa is located in the historic centre of Třeboň, close to the urban conservation area, being bypassed by the Zlatá stoka (Golden Canal), a jewel of Southern Bohemia. The spa specializes in treating musculoskeletal disorders. The complex includes a swimming pool with jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, and a sports park with outdoor tennis courts, tennis hall, volleyball, squash, fi tness centre, as well as non - smoking restaurant “Adéla”, pizza restaurant and bowling bar “Top Spin”, cocktail lounge, etc. The total spa capacity is 186 beds in 102 rooms.


For treatinge musculoskeletal system disorders, the Třeboň spa utilizes natural peat from the local peat moors. You can see the places of peat production when going along the bike nature trail “Around Třeboň”, e.g. Spálená borkovna.


The fi rst ponds in the Třeboň region were established in the 2nd half of the 14th century; the oldest mentioned ponds are Dvořiště and Bošilec. The fi shpond culture golden era starts in the 16th century together with the names Štěpánek Netolický, Jakub Krčín from Jelčany and Sedlčany, and Mikuláš Rutard from Malešov. More than 500 lakes and ponds form 16 systems of
which the most famous are those of Nadějská and Chlumecká. The system of ponds in the Třeboň region was nominated for the list of UNESCO World Heritage as a Třeboň Fishpond Culture Heritage.

Třeboň Region - Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve

For its natural and landscape values, the region of  Třeboň was added among UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in 1977 and declared a Protected Landscape Area two years later. Thanks to the clever landscaping and water management alterations, an exceptionally valuable mosaic of ponds, forests, wet meadows, peat moors and human se lements survived here despite the long - term landscape cultivation by people.

The most valuable parts of the Třeboň region are protected in 35 nature reserves and monuments. In this region, there are 16 declared sites of European importance listed within the territorial network Natura 2000 and also the Třeboň Bird Area.

Church of the Virgin Mary the Queen and Saint Giles and Augustinian Monastery

The church, now parish church and formerly a part of the Augustinian monastery, is built in the Gothic style with double - aisle lay - out. In its main aisle, you can see the world - famous Gothic Třeboň Madonna from the period around 1450. The cross corridor adjacent to the northern side of the church has survived with almost intact frescoes and paradise garden with a well.

Schwarzenberg Tomb

The Schwarzenberg Tomb is one of the most architecturally spectacular historical buildings that can be visited in Southern Bohemia. It is located in the park nearby the southeast side of the Pond World. This tomb was built in the 19th century in the Neo - Gothic style. During the summer months, its chapel serves for holding concerts.

Třeboň Brewery

The brewery in Třeboň was founded in 1379 and is one of the oldest breweries in the world. Visitors to the city may take a look round its historical building and taste the golden nectar.

Třeboň Chateau

It is one of the largest palace complexes in the Czech Republic. Its present appearance is the work of Renaissance builders who raised this splendid residence of the prominent Czech family of Rosenbergs in the place of a former Gothic castle. Another powerful family, the Schwarzenbergs, enriched the chateau with Baroque annexes on the outside court. The chateau is surrounded by a magnifi cent park with walls. A large part of the chateau serves as a depository of the Regional Chancery the commencement of which dates back to 1602. In that year, Peter Vok of Rosenberg moved the family seat from Český Krumlov to Třeboň and founded a new Rosenberg family’s archive. A great merit for building the archive belongs to the signifi cant historian and archivist Václav Březan.

Entrance gateways

Entrance to the city is guarded by several massive gates: Budějovická Gate stands on the western edge and was built between 1605 - 1611 according to plans of Dominik Cometa and Jan Lukan; Hradecká Gate from 1525 - 1527 is situated in the east part of the square; Novohradská Gate is shaped as a Gothic broken arch and dates back to 16th century; the last one, Svinenská Gate, has arched gables and sgraffi to decoration on its northern frontage.

Square and the near surrounding

Square and the near surrounding The square surrounded by burgess houses with Renaissance and Baroque gables is a natural centre of the entire urban conservation area. The most valuable house in the square is the house “U Bílého koníčka“ (White Li le Horse) from 1544. Another interesting building is the old town hall with its 31 - metre high tower providing unique views of the surrounding countryside. In the middle of the square, there is a Renaissance stone fountain and Baroque Marian column.

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